1. What is season parking?

Season parking is a parking type that permits vehicle owners to park their vehicles regularly, near their home or workplace, at a fixed monthly rate.

2. Does Amano Parking System support both individual and company booking for season parking?

Yes. Amano Parking System supports both.

3. Can season parkers receive renewal reminders and pay online?

Yes, Amano Parking System provides a feature for the reminders to be sent with an online payment option.

4. What is Company ID for Season Parking?

This is a unique ID assigned by parking operator that is auto-generated by Amano system for a specific company; which the company has been allocated designated parking lots at a parking site to ease the purchase of season pass for its employees.

5. Can season parkers pay online?

Yes. Season parkers can download Amano Parking App or Web to pay via credit card/debit card, e-Wallet, or FPX. With the App, parkers can track the Invoices and payment history online.

6. Can season parker choose his/her parking lot when they make a booking?

Yes, if the parking operator allows parkers to choose their parking lot, the system will display the parking floor plan for choosing,

7. Amano Parking System supports what types of season pass parking access?

We have a variety of parking access for season pass for a parking operator to choose from, namely RFID card, RFID tag/TnG RFID tag, License Plate Recognition (LPR) or QR code.

8. Why the terms and conditions and application forms not the same for different parking sites?

Yes, the terms and conditions and application forms are not the same for a different site. This variety is observed because our system allows parking owners/parking operators to set their own terms & conditions and booking application forms according to their requirements for season parking.

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