1. What is season parking?

Season parking is a parking type that permits vehicle owners to park their vehicles regularly, near their home or workplace, at a fixed monthly rate.

2. Does Amano Parking System support both individual and company booking for season parking?

Yes. Amano Parking System supports both.

3. Can season parkers receive renewal reminders and pay online?

Yes, Amano Parking System provides a feature for the reminders to be sent with an online payment option.

4. What is Company ID for Season Parking?

This is a unique ID assigned by parking operator that is auto-generated by Amano system for a specific company; which the company has been allocated designated parking lots at a parking site to ease the purchase of season pass for its employees.

5. Can season parkers pay online?

Yes. Season parkers can download Amano Parking App or Web to pay via credit card/debit card, e-Wallet, or FPX. With the App, parkers can track the Invoices and payment history online.

6. Can season parker choose his/her parking lot when they make a booking?

Yes, if the parking operator allows parkers to choose their parking lot, the system will display the parking floor plan for choosing,

7. Amano Parking System supports what types of season pass parking access?

We have a variety of parking access for season pass for a parking operator to choose from, namely RFID card, RFID tag/TnG RFID tag, License Plate Recognition (LPR) or QR code.

8. Why the terms and conditions and application forms not the same for different parking sites?

Yes, the terms and conditions and application forms are not the same for a different site. This variety is observed because our system allows parking owners/parking operators to set their own terms & conditions and booking application forms according to their requirements for season parking.

Casual Parking for LPR eWallet Direct

1. What is eWallet Direct?

eWallet Direct is referred to Amano License Plate Recognition Parking (LPR) system that integrates with eWallets. Registered eWallet users can enter and exit carparks touchlessly and cashlessly. The parking fee will be directly deducted from their eWallet, eliminating the need for intermittent payments, or rolling down windows to tap cards. This results in a seamless parking experience. We have successfully integrated with Setel and Touch ’n Go eWallets and expect to onboard more eWallets in short future.

2. I already have Setel & TnG eWallet, how do I activate LPR eWallet Direct?

STEP 1: Launch your preferred eWallet, either Touch ‘n Go or Setel.
STEP 2: Add your vehicle: Touch ‘n Go: Tap on ‘Parking’ icon, select ‘LPR Parking’ Setel: Tap on ‘Profile’, select ‘My Vehicle’
STEP 3: Tap on the toggle to enable automated parking.

3. If I have both Setel and TnG turned on for eWallet Direct, am I exposed to the risk of being charged twice for the same parking fee?

No. You will only be charged either by TnG or Setel eWallet.

4. If I am only charged by one eWallet, which eWallet will it be? Can I set my preference?

No, you can’t set your preference for which eWallet will be charged. The preference is determined by the parking operator or building owner.

5. What if my eWallet does not have enough balance to cover the parking fee? Can I tap with my card (TnG, credit card, or debit) at the exit lane if the parking site also has a cashless kiosk as an option?

Yes, you can pay by using a TnG card, credit card, or debit card in that scenario. This is the fallback feature provided by Amano Parking System.

6. Will my eWallet notify me if I enter a parking site equipped with the eWallet Direct feature?

Yes, the eWallet provider will notify you.

7. After I enter the car park, does the eWallet provide any safety features to prevent car theft?

It largely depends on the eWallet provider. For your information, this Amano Parking App will add the safety feature soon, which you can use the safety toggle feature to ‘lock’ your car from exiting the parking site whenever you enter a Amano eWallet Direct enabled site. Make sure to ‘unlock’ it before you leave the parking site.

8. How many eWallets currently participate in your eWallet Direct platform?

Currently, two eWallets participate: TnG and Setel. We will onboard more eWallets in the near future.

9. How many parking sites currently offer this seamless eWallet Direct parking payment method?

We will update the eWallet Direct parking sites list from time to time. Currently there are only a few, we expect the list to grow to at least to a hundred by 1st July 2025. As long that you have entered an eWallet Direct parking site, your enabled eWallet will notify you.

10. If I enter a parking site using eWallet Direct, such as a shopping mall or hotel that has promotions to waive or give discounts for parking fees, can this be validated?

No worries, Amano Smart Parking System provides comprehensive promo code and validation features to accommodate the building's requirements for validation.

11. If I don’t have eWallet Direct enabled, can I still enter the eWallet Direct car park?

Yes. The parking operators or building owners usually provide many other options, such as cashless kiosks at the exit lanes, autopayment machines, or QR Scan to Pay.

However, we encourage users to activate their eWallet Direct to enjoy a seamless parking experience that benefits users.

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